Store Hours

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Monday - Sunday

08:00am – 04:00pm


Served Hot or Iced

Milk Options:
Whole, Half n Half, Skim
Alternative Milk: (+$0.75)
Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut

Syrup Options: (+$0.55 Each)
Rose, Lavender, Almond, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Peppermint, Hazelnut*, Caramel*, Vanilla*, Irish Cream, Cardamom, Ginger

Chocolate Sauce: (+$0.65 Each)
Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Nutella

*Sugar Free Available

Pink Island

Our Signature Tea
dragonwell green tea, raspberry syrup, pink coconut milk, topped with edible rose petals, and pitaya powder

East Rock Pink

Our Signature Latte
double shot of espresso, rose syrup, steamed pink coconut milk, topped with edible rose petals, and pitaya powder

Chai Tea Latte

black tea, ginger & cardamom syrup, steamed milk, topped with cinnamon


double shot of espresso, steamed milk, light foam

Matcha Latte

matcha powder, honey, steamed milk


double shot of espresso, equal portions of steamed milk, and milk foam

Turmeric Latte

turmeric powder, honey, steamed milk, topped with cinnamon 


double shot of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate ganache, light milk foam


A classic green tea with signature chestnut that mingle with notes of butter and honeysuckle

Flat White

double shot of espresso, steamed milk

Better Days

organic turmeric tea with ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, licorice, with citrus essential oils


double shot of espresso, equal amount of steamed milk

Tomte's Breakfast

our exemplary blend of black teas from India, Sri Lanka, and China


single or double
Luck Shot - Columbia & Ethiopia
dutch chocolate, fig jam, molasas

Touch of Grey

ceylon black tea blended with bergamot and blue flowers


double shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream

Simmer down

A custom blend of chamomile, lavender, and rose petal tea


double shot of espresso, topped off with hot water

Hot Chocolate

chocolate ganache, steamed milk, light milk foam

Red Eye

drip coffee, double shot of espresso

East Rock Refresher

Strawberry Lemonade, Dragon Fruit Mango Raspberry, Blueberry Lavender Açai, or Peach Raspberry Green Tea

Drip Coffee

Hambela - Guji & Ethiopia bergamot, white grape, chocolate

Butterfly Lemonade

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade made with Butterfly Tea to give it a touch of whimsy as the color changes from blue to purple


Orange Juice, Vanilla, Foamed Almond Milk, topped with Almond Whipped Cream and Orange Zest


Espresso with Home Made Gelato, and a House Made Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Wine & Mimosa

Wine sold by the glass or by the bottle



Rocar Extra Dry California Champagne, organic orange juice

Bottomless Mimosa


All you can drink mimosa for 1.5 Hours, per person, cannot be shared


$8 Glass - $28 Bottle

Columbia Crest Red Wine

satin red

$8 Glass - $28 Bottle

Satin Red Wine Blend


$9 Glass - $29 Bottle

 Oyster Bay White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc 

$9 Glass - $29 Bottle

 Oyster Bay White Wine

Pommery pink pop Champagne 

$23 Bottle

Single Serving Authentic Rose Champagne


$11 Glass - $38 Bottle

Conte de Rose, Rose Wine


A Hui Hou


Wheat Ale Fruited with Guava, Papaya, and Tangerine
5.8% abv

Feuilles Mortes


Belgian Dark Ale with N.Y.S. Roasted Butternut Squash and Muscavado Sugar
8% abv

The SHipwreck's Black


Schwarzbier Black Lager
5% abv

Dessert Menu


Double shot of espresso on home made gelato served with house made chocolate chip biscotti 

Macarons - $3

Passionfruit, Pistachio, Rose, Lemon, Lavender Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Basil, Earl Grey Orange (*V)


Plain - $3.00
Almond - $3.50
Chocolate - $3.00
Spelt and Quinoa (Vegan) - $3.50
Leek and Parmesan - $3.50

Signature Donut - $3.25

*Weekend Only*
Vegan Vanilla Doughnuts decorated in East Rocks colors  
Chocolate Iced Doughnut 

Signature Cheesecake - $6

A raspberry rose cheesecake with a pistachio date base, topped with fresh sliced raspberries, rose petals, and gold leaf 

Signature Croissant - $6

Strawberry Nutella
Chocolate Orange 

Whipped Cream, and Powder Sugar

Assorted Baked Goods

Banana Bread - $3
Chocolate Fudge Brownie - $3.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie - $2.50
Scones - $3

Gelato - $5

2 Scoops of Vanilla Bean Gelato, with Your Choice of Toppings, Served with a Chocolate Chip Biscotti


Avocado - $2
Marinated Chicken - $5
Egg - $1.25
Bacon (Optional Turkey) - $4
Triple Veggie Patty - $6
*V Denoted Items That Can Be Made Vegan


Burrata Duet 

Burrata served on a bed Of Cherry Tomatoes, Topped with Chimichurri, Roasted Red Peppers & Balsamic Glaze


Fig & Pear Salad *V 

Dried Figs, Asian Pear, Pomegranate Seeds, Arugula, Baby Kale, Shredded Manchego & Fontina Blend, Croutons, Sherry Vinaigrette


Avocado & Lox Toast 

Avocado Mash, Capers, Tomatoes, Arugula, Lox, Sunny Side Up Egg


East Rock Veggie Burger *V

House-made Triple Veggie Patty served with Arugula, Avocado Slices, Cabbage Slaw, on Toasted Brioche 


Chickpea Salad Sandwich *V

Chickpeas, Asian Pears, Dried Cranberries, Red Onion, Pumpkin Seeds, Vegan Chipotle Aioli, Arugula, Served on Toasted Sourdough


B.F. Grilled Cheese 

Crispy Bacon, Fontina Cheese, Fig Chutney


Prosciutto & Pear Press

Prosciutto, Honey Roasted Asian Pear, Arugula, Fontina Cheese


Small Bites

Sour Cherry Crostini 

Mascarpone, Sour Cherry Spread, Balsamic Glaze, Lemon Zest


FIg Jam & Pear Crostini *V

Honey Roasted Asian Pear, Fig Jam, Whipped Goat Cheese & Ricotta Blend, Toasted Walnuts, Honey Drizzle


B.E.C. Sliders

Sunny Side Up Egg, Bacon, Manchego Cheese


Fontina Chicken Ciabatta

Marinated Chicken Breast, Bacon, Fontina, Avocado, Roasted Red Peppers, Arugula, Chipotle Aioli



Seasoned Waffle Fries

Smoked Paprika, Salt, Black Pepper


Avocado Crostini

Whole Wheat Crostini, Avocado Mash, Tomatoes


Side Salad

Arugula, Baby Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Sherry Vinaigrette


Brunch Menu

Hours: Friday - Sunday 10 am - 2 pm

Avocado - $2
Egg - $1.25
Bacon (Optional Turkey Bacon) - $4
*V Denoted Items That Can Be Made Vegan

Avocado & Lox Toast 


Avocado Mash, Tomato Slices, Arugula, Lox, Sunny Side Up Egg

East Rock Brunch Burger 


House-made Triple Veggie Patty Served with Sunny Side Up Egg, Arugula, Avocado, Purple Cabbage Slaw, on a Toasted Brioche Bun

B.E.C. Sliders


Manchego Cheese, Two Sunny Side Up Eggs, Bacon

Prosciutto & Manchego Quiche


Shredded Prosciutto and Manchego Cheese, on a Puff Pastry Base

French Toast Bombs


Baked French Toast, Powdered Sugar, Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup

Signature Croissant


Your Choice of Plain or Spelt and Quioa (*V) Croissant Filled with Whipped Cream topped With:
Nutella and Strawberries
Orange Slices and Chocolate Ganache

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